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Tourism Ministry Backs Int’l Angklung Festival in Kuningan

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Ministry of Tourism is ready to support the plan to organize International Angklung Festival and Darma Reservoir tour as part of  efforts to promote  world-class tourist destinations in Kuningan District, West Java.

“We are committed to helping realize a plan to make tourism destinations including Darma Reservoir a world-class tourist destination,” said the Tourism Ministry’s Expert Staff for Economics and Regional Tourism, Dr Anang Sutono MM CHE in Kuningan, Sunday.

He said, the angklung festival and the Darma Reservoir Tourism Notes are a commitment of the Ministry of Tourism to provide support because tourism is part of the nation’s economy and is fundamental to prosper the community.

“This is the right moment for Kuningan to rise and advance in the tourism sector,” he said.

He said, the strategy of developing the tourism industry is  a very important factor, especially to direct the development of human resources  towards turning  tourist destinations in Kuningan District into world class tourism.

Efforts to support the development of world-class tourism, he said, need quality human resources, for which the development of vocational and high school education institutions in the tourism sector is needed.

“Kuningan will become a ‘world class tourism’, so that it needs human resources of international standard, and one of the embryos is the presence of tourism vocational schools and high schools,” he said.

Head of the Java Area Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Tourism Wawan Gunawan added, the activity was the right momentum related to preparations for Ramadan as an attraction to lure tourists.

“This is one of the efforts to integrate art and tourism so that it becomes a unity of harmony,” said Wawan.

Wawan said, the Tourism Ministry is building a mutually supportive program that could be realized jointly by the government, the media, business people and academics, so that art attractions could become an attraction for the community.

“If you want to make world-class tourism, the global standard must be adapted to world-class packaging, both musical arrangements, costumes, and so on,” he said.

He added, tourism attractions are not only artistic performances, but also the regional culinary sector and community involvement to help increase the level of their welfare.

“If the Minister says, the more culture or art is preserved, the more prosperous the people will be,” he said.

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